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Pastoral Welcome

Greetings and welcome ! We are glad you chose to visit with us on our website today.

On behalf of the entire church community I want express our desire that during your browsing you will experience the thePasator1 presence of the Creator of The Universe, God, our loving heavenly Father in a personal way that is uniquely yours.

We invite you to visit our church and join us in worship. Your presence with us on the Holy Sabbath Day will magnify our praise and enhance our worship and thankfulness to our magnanimous Creator, King, and Redeemer. In the beginning He formed us in His own image and it is by His power alone that our fallen human hearts are re-created, on this earth, after the divine similitude and we become His children. He is returning to this earth again, soon, to rescue and restore to us the dominion and glory of Eden in the Earth made new. We want you to be with us in that glorious kingdom that He is now preparing for us all. To that end we invite you feel at home with us and join us as we journey together with Jesus toward the heavenly Canaan.

Pastor Roger Wazoua

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